1. All patched members should be given a high level of respect, this includes listening to orders.

2. No crew killing in public lobbies.

3. Any form of modding is strictly prohibited. (The use of BincoHaX is permitted) 

4. Any form of racism or bullying/harassment will not be tolerated. 

5. Whilst a member of the Wolfen MC, memberships with other MC's, Mafias, CarClubs, Milsims and Street Gangs is strictly prohibited. 

6. When called to take a vote, all patched members must attend church to sit at the table. If a member cannot attend to cast a vote, he must let both the Secretary and President know of his vote and this will be cast for him.

7. All patched members must wear biker attire and wear the patch whilst in game.

8. Only the weapons in #weapon-restrictions are to be used when a member of the club. All other weapons are banned, unless running business sales or heist setups any weapon may be used to help complete the mission as long as permission from the SGT has been received. (This includes Patched Members, Prospects and Hangarounds)


9. All members must ride LCC or Western Motorcycles, unless running business sales or heist setups any vehicle may be used to help complete the mission as long as permission from the SGT has been received. (This includes Patched Members, Prospects and Hangarounds) 

10. Club business is only to be discussed with other club members. Failure to do so will result in a vote to determine punishment by the table. 

11. No bringing cops to club events.

12. Passive Mode is Strictly Prohibited in any lobbies.

Combat bylaws

1. Hangarounds are forbidden to engage in combat with enemy MC's.

2. A prospect can only engage in combat when a patched member is present.

3. During combat with rival MCs only Assault rifles are to be used when on foot and SMGs when on a bike.


4. No helmets are to be worn during combat

strike system

The Wolfen MC enforce the bylaws and uphold behaviour by operating a strike system, this is as follows: 

Verbal Warning: All patched members can hand out a verbal warning. This is for the first bylaw/behaviour infraction. 

Written Warning: If the behaviour continues after a verbal warning has been given out. A discord message will be DM'ed to the offender.

1st Strike: Strike goes on record. In-game punishment created by the club. Given to the offender. 

2nd Strike: Harsher punishment. Officer demotions, patched members not being able to apply for officer positions. Prospects having their minimum periods extended etc. 

3rd Strike: Expulsion from the club on bad terms. KOS put out on them


A leave of absence should be requested for any member that is going to be away from the club for longer than 2 weeks. An automatic kick will be given to those who are inactive for 4 weeks without notifying the club. (2 months for hangarounds) without notifying the club. 

hangaround and prospecting processes

All new members of The Wolfen MC will start as a hangaround. A hangaround will need to complete a 5 day minimum period before they can become a prospect. It will be up to the hangaround to approach a patched member and ask them for sponsorship. Once a patched member accepts sponsoring they will then be officially made a prospect at the next church. It is up to each individual sponsor to bring the new prospect up to speed on what is expected of them. To ensure our prospects are active and working towards their patch, a number of tasks are set which they will need to complete. All 8 of the prospect tasks are available to see in #prospect-tasks. Tasks can be done in any order. A prospect must serve a minimum 4 week period before they become eligible for a full patch. It is down to individual sponsors to decide when the vote takes place to patch in a prospect.