Prospecting Process

All new members of The Wolfen MC will start as a hangaround.

It will be up to the hangaround to approach a patched member and ask them for sponsorship. Once a patched member accepts sponsoring a hangaround they will then be officially made a prospect at the next church. It is up to each individual sponsor to bring the new prospect up to speed on what is expected of them. 

To ensure our prospects are active and working towards their patch, various tasks are set regularly. Any patched member can assign tasks to prospects but sponsors may assign separate individual tasks to their Prospect. These tasks can vary, such as finding and storing a rare “Dubsta 2” or driving a tractor up mount chiliad or simply grinding cash for the patched members. Prospects are expected to complete the tasks set for them and have to provide evidence that they have completed the task either through the form of a patched member being present for the task or through photo evidence. 

There is no timeframe set for a prospecting period - this can vary depending on the prospect. It is down to individual sponsors to decide when the vote takes place to patch in a prospect.

Code of conduct

I. All patched members must wear biker attire and wear the patch whilst in game.

II. All members must ride LCC or Western Motorcycles whilst on club business, unless running protection in which case a club van can be used.

III. When called to take a vote, all patched members must attend church to sit at the table. If a member cannot attend to cast a vote, he must let both the Secretary and President know of his vote and this will be cast for him.

IV. Only Shotguns, AR's, Pistols and Melee are to be used when a member of the club. All other weapons are banned.

V. During Business sales or heist setups any vehicle may be used to help complete the mission as long as written permission from an officer has been received.

VI. Whilst a member of the Wolfen MC, memberships with other mc's, mafias, milsims or street gangs is strictly prohibited.

VII. Any form of modding is strictly prohibited.

VIII.  Any form of racism or bullying will not be tolerated.

ix. No crew killing

x. No bringing cops to club events

xi. Respect the Hierarchy


XIII. discussing club matters with anyone outside the club is strictly prohibited

*Any breach of the Code of Conduct results in a vote of the table to determine the degree of punishment.

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